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TechInformed (The frontier of business technology news) is a research-led and proudly independent digital publication delivering news, analysis, interviews, and unique insights to empower tech professionals to make more informed decisions.

Requirement (Website)

Our client wanted us to create a scalable, minimal, and modern website design that helps position the brand to establish a clear and persuasive tone of communication. We were expected to provide a best-in-class experience for users through a modern and beautiful responsive website with smooth transitions and animations to ensure a fluid user experience. The website should showcase credibility in the space of technology and be the go-to platform for learning about anything within the domain.

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The online tech publication marketplace is crowded, and the user experience is nearly always intrusive with banners and pop-up ads everywhere making it difficult, almost impossible, to navigate. TechInformed wanted to put the user experience first, along with independent journalism and deep insights on specific topics such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, IoB, Cyber Security, Quantum Computing, 5G, Robotics, and so on. We aimed to make the brand identifiable in this crowded space. We took the challenge of building the brand from the ground up, making it stand out in the crowd and making sure it appeals to the target audience.

Our Approach

We started by researching popular tech news, editorial websites like TechCrunch, Cnet, Engadget, The Verge, and more. From our research, it was clear that the design must be well laid out, easy to navigate, must have a quick and easy topic search feature, the typography must be crisp, easily readable, be it on a big or a small screen. We chose techy brand colors along with a grayscale palette, and our design approach was mobile-friendly as well because we wanted to make the latest tech news available to everyone even on the go. Today, several prominent tech brands are doubling down on blue, especially an electric blue that really pops on-screen in digital applications. Clear CTAs, clean design, and easy navigation were some key points we kept in mind while designing the website experience.

Typography played a pivotal role. Besides picking beautiful web fonts, we made sure that different text elements have a different look and feel (main headings, subheadings, regular text, italic text, quotes, lists, and so on). We used a clean, understated, and elegant primary typeface, followed by other fonts that look elegant, friendly, and well-balanced on any screen. These fonts lend a meaningful purpose to the content while triggering emotions in the readers.

The Result

Launched at the end of 2021, TechInformed rapidly gained readers from all around the world and is now delivering on its brand promise: to help tech professionals make more informed decisions. The website has built-in features that will enable it to scale quickly and effortlessly.


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