Clutch Recognizes Multia as a Top Indian Design Company

Branding not just great times but great memories.

Clutch Recognizes Multia as a Top Indian Design Company

Design often means the difference between two equally competent programs or platforms. If there are no technical differences between good choices, visuals are always the tie-breaker. This is why Multia has always put a premium on the talent of its designers, a decision that is paying dividends today.

Multia is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as one of 2021s Top Design Companies in India by Clutch.

It is a rare honor to be featured as a Clutch leader largely because of their criteria for determining their rankings. Since they are a reviews platform they base their decisions on the quantity and quality of reviews that other companies submit regarding our team.

But, they have a unique verification process that accepts only content that comes from legitimate sources. They do not accept malicious review-bombers and artificial boosters on the platform. This means that all who win this award only do so by the grace of their clients and partners.

This is why we truly thank everyone who took the time to write down their thoughts and feelings about their time with us in those reviews. Without them, this accolade would definitely not be possible.

We will use 2021 as a springboard for even better projects and ensure that we live up to the quality that’s now expected of us. If you’re looking for an award-winning design team, get in touch with us and we’ll start as soon as possible.

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