The World is Going Digital… and So Should You!

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The World is Going Digital… and So Should You!

The World is Moving to the Digital Market Place…….and So Should You!

When I think of shopping, I think of Amazon. With every passing day, ‘Digital India’ sounds more like a lifestyle choice and less like a catchy election campaign. I can order my food with the tap of a sticker as I scroll through Instagram stories. What’s more? I could even buy glasses that I know would suit my face, thanks to 3D trials without getting out of my bed.

Everything quoted above is not an individual’s thought process but a trend that has gained enough popularity to strike a chord with anyone and everyone who reads it. It is true. Even before the pandemic struck, the kirana store had been replaced by Grofers and services could be booked on apps like Urban Clap. Now, as COVID 19 terrorises the streets outside, the marketplace has moved inside the the customer’s laptop, phone, Ipad….basically at his/her finger tips. As more and more commodities essential and non-essential make their way online to the digital market we see the untapped power of internet. There seems to be a huge market place online which was earlier neglected, but as brick and mortar stores are replaced by Apps we can literally see the market shaking and evolving.

Such an evolution is similar to what was seen as malls came up- the promise of a one stop destination for the customer’s needs. Digital marketplaces are now taking this concept a step further and removing the need to physically go to a store. They are offering the convenience of a mall without the need to leave the house. Nykaa feels like Sephora but online. Physical stores are either coming up with their own Apps, or are availing the shelf space of a third-party App to reach the digital consumer. Lenskart currently offers 3D face trials for glasses. As technology advances and AR/VR along with UX/UI start driving the innovation wagon who is to say that you would not be able to try multiple outfits through 3D imaging while shopping online.

With Jio making internet cheap and accessible to all, digital marketplaces are booming. The convenience and almost life saving promise shown by the digital retail space is sure to have an after effect in post pandemic times. The dream of any retailer, any brand and any business, is to reach the maximum amount of audience while using the minimum amount of resources. Customer’s on the other hand crave convenience, reliability and safety. Digital marketplaces promise both the stake holders exactly what they seek and more. The scope is almost endless. As technology innovates, so does accessibility. Small businesses that serve better quality products have increased visibility online. They get a fair shot at winning the customers which was impossible in a cluttered physical retail space. The system becomes transparent and customer views, suggestions, and reviews clear. As consumers get a voice on various platform, quality wins. Innovation drives efficiency. Transparency leads to customer loyalty and ultimately an increased customer base for the business. With a newfound voice, customer satisfaction drives up. The combination of convenience and reliability creates the holy grail of customer experience and eventually more and more consumers flood to the online market place.

They say time is money, as digital marketplaces give both the customers and businesses value for their time. They cut the salesman, save the time for stocking, shelving, maintaining the physical outlet and in a time deficit world, allow the customers to shop on the go. It is a win-win situation. So as the world moves the digital route and brands start creating an online identity, so should you!

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