Designed and Packaged with Care

Branding not just great times but great memories.

Designed and Packaged with Care.

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Nobody really likes going to the doctor’s or hospitals, do they? I mean, that smell of antiseptic, the eerie silence of waiting rooms, the unsettling wait before getting your diagnosis and most of all the unpleasant procedures, all of it just adds to the discomfort of having to deal with it. What we could do is perhaps focus on the lighter angles of healthcare that help us get us going. Afterall, what’s essential needs to be done, we might as well deal with it with the chirpy bone in us. For instance, the oldest joke in the book – a doctor’s writing.

A woman in Arkansas took her baby to see the doctor and he immediately diagnosed the baby with an earache. He wrote a prescription for ear drops, “Put two drops in the right ear every four hours” and abbreviated “right” as an R with a circle around it. Several days later the woman returned with her baby, complaining that the baby still had an earache but his little behind was getting really greasy with all those drops of oil. The doctor looked at the bottle of eardrops and sure enough, the pharmacist, following the doctor’s prescription, typed on the label: “Put two drops in the rear every four hours.”

Now we can’t possibly do anything about your doctor’s handwriting, but we can surely try and please the eye with the letterhead he uses or even by beautifying his clinic or hospital space, in an effort to mitigate the uneasiness of dealing with the same. We could also try and ensure that the employees are well aware of the processes of healthcare so that each patient or user is assured of getting the best help.



A tryst of older and newer technologies.

The amalgamation of old with newer technology, of science with philosophy and of individuals with social elements, shows exactly how the world is moving forward. HPS Wellness is an app that blends exactly that. Designed to provide integrated solutions to enhance every aspect of one’s health, body, mind or spirit, the app offers a personalized roadmap for each of its users based on an assessment of their body type. Multia won the International Design Award (IDA ) for this particular project’s branding. What we did was try and represent the company’s care similar to the all encompassing care of a mother.


Far or near, we’d keep our communication absolutely clear.

How does one work with a client that has representatives spread over 40 countries? How does one make sure they’re meeting the needs of every single one of them? Well, we’re not one to boast, but we’ve done that, and we are not the ones taking credit for it either, the credit goes entirely to the wonderful team at OPU. Modern skin care, personalised to match one’s exact needs, Opu is an AI based app that scans and analyses one’s skin and tracks it’s health to provide clients with the most suitable products and care needed. Having done their website and branding, Multia ventured into absolutely new technological territories with OPU. By studying exactly how the app functions on Initial Coin Offerings, we did not only learn about advanced technology, we built it.

One for the Employees.

Creating an entire experience for the product, not just for the sales team but for all the departments that put effort into creating that product is what India’s largest pharmaceutical required us to do. The idea behind such an initiative being to connect all different divisions with another and generate harmony and understanding of the company’s overall work processes. Working with exceptionally large companies comes with the additional pressure of matching not just current, but their standards. What we did for them was to establish an interactive virtual reality experience for the heads of divisions that took everyone on a product journey.


Packaged with Care.

Skin Medicinals was created to provide patients with high quality compounded medications for every patient utilizing the expertise of their physicians. Their core was derived from a belief that innovation and access should drive Dermatology and that is exactly what they wanted us, at Multia, to reflect in their branding and packaging. What was needed was to showcase that touch of science into the care the brand was providing.

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