Branding not just great times but great memories.

Branding not just great times but great memories.

Branding not just great times but great memories.

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When we see a bat, we associate it with Batman. A bitten apple is going to remind me to check my IPhone. An animated monkey is probably going to get me, a business professional, thinking about the next emailer I’ve to send via MailChimp. If every major brand out there is associated with something we can instantly relate to, why should upcoming businesses be left out? Are we running out of designs or the creative spark that could help these companies visually represent who they are? Most definitely not.

Building or revamping a brand comes with great risk and it isn’t a task one would turn to without reason. Branding your business is obviously going to gain recognition, support one’s marketing efforts and create an individualistic identity for your company, but there are so many inconspicuous factors that we overlook.

One’s brand is one’s proclamation of trust. Brands aim to create a bond filled with good memories and good times, something the customers will never forget. A branded business is protected from competitors seeking that success, but most importantly branding gives companies a chance to let customers see the business for who they really are.

Inspired like none other.

There are some particular projects we encounter that are backed by out of the box inspirations. One such project was The Catrina Hotel. The hotel aimed at bringing good old Mexico to the beaches of sunny California, but that was no challenge. One of the most awaited yearly events that is celebrated throughout Mexico is ‘Día de los Muertos’, the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival. Symbolised by skulls and rustic and crude ornaments, this inspiration seemed pretty grisly for a hotel.

Now, we would not be calling ourselves a design agency if we gave up on that challenge, would we? Taking inspiration from La Calaveras Catrina, often referred to as Mexico’s Grand Dame of Death, Multia came up with the Catrina Hotel Concept. Through Sugar Skulls’ makeover, typeface and colour scheme, the team tried to convey the inhibited vision of the hoteliers while keeping intact the gentleness and customer centric appeal of a hotel.

Branding not just the heritage of hospitality but the pride of each employee.

Branding a hotel is one thing, branding a hospitality group, another, especially one that perseveres to hold the heritage of hospitality. Been around since 1976, StayCal decided to do their rebranding for two reasons. The first being to reflect the horizons of California, where they are headquartered, and the second to imbibe in its employees the feeling of being a part of something bigger. Branding is not just about what the customers see, it is a huge factor for propelling internal success.

When employees understand the mission and purpose of a business they are more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve its goals. Multia constructed a logo that blended the sunny skies, the relentless beaches and the Golden Bridge of California. To match their second need we came up with the idea of palm sized handbooks of values and ethics that was given to each and every employee across the globe. In the end, everything was designed trying to keep up with their objective of building hotel stays where business becomes pleasure and play becomes timeless.


Designing good times and greater memories.

Enriching one’s thrilling, chilling or fulfilling experiences, Mystique Escapes is a travel experience provider that tailors one’s escapades, from travel to stay, with the flavors of the area’s local life. As their branding and digital partner, we were given the task of designing the website and logo. What was needed was to give Mystique the individualistic appeal and identity it deserved.

To add to the solemnity of the experience it aims to provide, we branded Mystique with inspiration that was drawn from the enigma of an owl, keeping the logo as minimalistic as possible to allow it to be used as a stand alone itself.

Rebranding what has already made a mark.


Rebranding the brand
of the masses.

One of the most famous cafes, not only in Mumbai but across all of India, is the Kala Ghoda Cafe in Fort, an area renowned for being every artist’s delight. A favourite of all top notch brands, the fanciest of boutiques, museums, art galleries, high-end corporates and even a plethora of extraordinary cafes, Fort is an area inspired by British, Victorian and Greco-Roman architecture.

For a cafe that has been around since forever and has made its mark in the food industry, to be in such a locality is just added pressure, but for the agency doing its rebranding, It is a totally different ball game. Taking inspiration from the ‘क’ ‘ख’ and ‘ग’ alphabets in the hindi language, we tried to amalgamate the beauty of the western and Indian cultures that the cafe so beautifully depicted.

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