Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Business Name: Keep Your Logo Design In Mind

Choosing The Right Business Name

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Business Name: Keep Your Logo Design In Mind

There are plenty of businesses out there. That’s kind of a given. It almost doesn’t matter what market you’re in, there will be competition.

And with that competition comes the challenge of making a success of your own business.

This challenge requires starting smart from the ground up, choosing wisely for everything from your logo design to your product line to your name.

In fact, we’re going to focus on that last part — your business name.

A business name seems like one of the first things that a business owner would come up with, but that’s often not the case. And naming your business can put you on shaky ground, whether because of underthinking, overthinking, or even just not doing a simple Google search to see if there are other businesses out there with the same name.

Not only that, the price you need to pay to get each next customer also increases.

To maintain a steady flow of clients, acquisition programs and their budgets must keep running. There is no escaping this. Like most companies, our agency accepted this as a fact. But that didn’t stop us from trying to reduce our customer acquisition costs.

And in this visual world, more and more often we create the concepts of our designs, such as logos and other graphics, even before we put a moniker on our business.

So with that goal of matching logo and name, let’s talk about five of the biggest mistakes that you can make in naming your business.

Too Generic

Generic business names are extremely common. Is it because no one wants to put the effort into thinking up something new? Or because they shrug and figure, “Eh, that’s good enough”?

Whatever the cause, a generic name is nobody’s friend.

Especially if you’ve already conceptualized and executed an attractive logo design, slapping “Acme Co.” underneath it will be a huge detriment to the impact of your visual.

Too Specific

On the flip side of that coin, some business owners also end up with headaches because of names that are a little too specific.

Say, for instance, when you first start out you provide a certain service, and you include that service in your name and logo.

What happens when your products and service lines alter later on?

What if you add something completely new and you’d rather focus on that instead?

Being too specific in your company name and your logo design can lead to a re-branding fiasco, as your customers try to figure out where the connection is between either your old name and your new services, or your company continuity as a whole.

Logos play a part in this as well. The great thing with logo design is that it’s very common to update and re-design a brand, so your logo should be able to keep up with changes that your company makes. But re-writing the script completely, with both name and logo all at once, will definitely throw off your existing customers.

Sounds Too Much Like Another Company

Here’s where the quick Google search comes into the equation.

Over the years, we’ve seen companies lose customers or even be on the receiving end of a lawsuit because of stepping too heavily on trademark laws. Nobody likes a copycat, no matter what market we’re talking about.

Naming your company something that could easily be mistaken for an existing company is confusing for your customers and a mistake for your brand.

And even if you figure that your logo is unique enough to differentiate the two companies, remember that you will be identified with more than just a logo.

Too Long

Your business name can be too long in one of two ways. It can have too many words included, like John Harold Little And Sons Expert Persian Rug Cleaners And Fringe Disposal.

Or it could simply be that the actual name part of your business name, without all the extra words, is just far too long. As a rule, we tend to like short, choppy names, with fewer syllables.

If your potential business name has more than four syllables, it might be a good idea to consider something else.

Remember that this can impact your logo design as well. Many types of logos include the name as part of the design, and if your name is too many letters, it will look crowded and ungainly.

Hard To Spell Or Pronounce

Another mistake that can have a big impact on your logo design, a difficult-to-read name will almost certainly be rendered even more non-user-friendly in a logo design.

Along with that, if your potential clients don’t know how to pronounce your business name right, even in their own head, they may actually shy away from seeking out a further business relationship with you.

Simplicity Can Be the Key

Overthinking, underthinking, or a total lack of thinking can all sink your chances of lighting on a memorable, effective name for your business.

Not only that but making any of these mistakes can make a negative impact on your logo design, as well as other visuals.

Whether you’ve already designed your logo, or you’re waiting until after your name is in place so it can be inspirational to the visual, it’s recommended that you opt for simplicity in your business name.

Simple names are easy to say, hear, write, and remember.

And for the success of your business, you definitely want a memorable name!

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A graphic designer by profession, Carol Alison also work as a freelancer on the side by writing about graphic design, branding and visual designs. Her favorite tools are Illustrator and Photoshop but she’s dabbled with Inkscape and GIMP as well.

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