Design is Life and will end with the Universe.

Since its inception in 2004, Multia have been creating High-quality designs that Stand-out, Connect and Prosper. We are obsessed with creating beautifully Hand-crafted Brands and Inspiring websites made to Last. Our team of specialists and designers work Collaboratively with a Passion for the big picture, devotion to Little details and knack for making First-Time Experiences feel like second nature.

We love exploring and playing with new technologies and our aim is to bring a human touch to the Digital World. Our Portfolio has a sense of traditional craft about it; Handmade, Sculpted, Drawn and Animated Elements are often used, providing a bespoke charm. As our world becomes more Digital, Utilitarian and Data-Driven, Innovative Interface design increasingly defines how we Connect with People.

We are a part of Multiversity Group of Companies.

Our Team.

Our team is filled with Talented, Hard-working and Passionate people. Our goal is always focused on helping people produce Beautiful Brands and Websites, and we obsess over the details that make our work stand out. We take pride in helping our Clients grow, thrive and prosper. And we enjoy the relationships we build along the way.

We are a truly collaborative team, both when we work in the studio and when we work with our Clients. We approach each project and assignment, with the goal of making it as good as it can possibly be. We love our company, we love our work and we love the satisfaction of making our Clients happy.

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Reasons to Work Together.


We're a Full Service Agency, Propelled by Passion.


We have over 10+ years of Experience.


We offer a Unique blend of Art, Technology and Strategic Thinking


We believe in Great work and no Blah Boxes.


We Collaborate with our Clients for better Outcomes.


You'll work with Experts who care about your Project.

Full Spectrum Brand Experiences across a Variety of Media.


Consumers respond to Simple, Quality Design. We work closely with you to ensure that your Identity speaks the language of your Brand and Communicates the right message to your Audience.


We have a team of print Experts who can Design and prepare a whole range of Stunningly Practical prints to enhance and Promote your Brand. These include Brochures, Stationery and Posters etc.

Website Design & Development

Our Designs not only look Beautiful, but they work. It's all about the User. Effective User Interface Design will increase Customer Satisfaction. We carefully create both Front-end and Back-end for optimum usability.


Tell us the story of your Company, Brand and Products, and we'll develop a Creative and Efficient system to foster Customer Engagement and Interaction.

Theme Customizations

We understand that Themes need Customizations & we've got expert coders who can help you with just that. Whether you need Design Customizations or Code Customizations, we can help you with anything & everything.

Environment Design

We work with our Clients to ensure that their physical space tells a meaningful Story that aligns with and advances their Strategic intent. We will leverage your place to drive Business.

Collaborative Approach that makes it Easier.

Our collaborative process begins with Smart Strategy, Creative Energy and Great Solutions. Once we have established a shared vision with our Client, we formulate a Strategy that becomes our Creative compass in achieving Project goals.

Research & Planning

Learn & Define the Purpose

Ideation & Design

Ideas to Execution

Deploy & Testing

Redefine & Deliver the Product.


We are Committed to Our Mission - We Design for Tomorrow. Our environment is Designed to make work energizing and to stimulate the Best Thinking.


Our Team has a Passion for the big picture. Working at Multia means you'll be surrounded by colleagues who are dedicated to meeting their own High Standards.


Everyday we Hustle. Mark Twain says 'Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under Differing Conditions'.

Together at Multia.

Our team may be Small, but we're the closest bunch of Tea drinking, Food loving, Perfectionists you'll ever find; we've always got a cup 'o' chai in one hand and a biscuit in the other- its our brain food! But it's this relaxed, creative environment that allows us to produce the standard of work we pride ourselves on. We all share a passion for creating exciting and innovative designs for our clients, and we want to remain at the forefront of our industry. This means keeping up with the latest industry trends; a key feature Multia encourages. We want our designers and developers to experiment with new ideas and concur new challenges. We're open to anything; so open in fact, that the team members regularly seek advice straight from the company heads.

Everyone matters.Including the local community. Our Community and Heritage are important to us. We give back whenever we can- currently we' re involved in the HolyGau project; an Exciting Initiative which involves serving the Indian cow's by making the best use of cow product derivatives like dung, urine, ghee, milk and curd (Panchagavya), along with herbs by manufacturing products which are used in our day to day lives.Our mission is to safeguard the Indian cow- the provider, nourisher and sustainer.

At our company we do not just want Multia to grow but you to grow too. Hence we also have Idea Innovation challenges, where if you do have a great Innovative idea, we will help you build on it, raise Funding for it and also provide you with Prize money to come up with the most Ingenious idea.


Learn from the Best.

"The amount of Creative freedom that is Awarded to us is indeed inspiring and tends to enhance our Creativity by many folds. I love working here and I love my amazing afternoon chai."
V.B. Creative Head, Themes
"What I like about Multia is a friendly environment, down-to-earth people and the opportunity for Advancement. There is a feeling of closeness and unity that sometimes gets lost in larger Companies."
A.P. Senior Designer

We're Always Looking for Hungry & Nimble Talent.